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Our Faculty

Mr. Ramesh Babu – Water Resources Engineering

With over two decades experience in teaching and academic programmes, Mr. Ramesh Babu is a professional Civil Engineer from IIT Chennai. He conducts the academic audits and preparation of course outcomes, delivery plan, OJT training, workshop, accreditation activities and E-class room orientations. He has several technical publications to his kitty and has trained students well for GATE review courses also assisting them with job placement.

Mr. Venkatesh R – Geo Technical Engineering

Mr. Venkatesh is a structural engineer from a reputed institute. He has extensive teaching experience in GATE review courses. His teaching expertise will help aspirants engage in a two-way learning in the GATE review classes.

Mr. Saumyajit Sen – Environmental Engineering

Mr. Saumyajit Sen is an environmental engineer from IIT Bombay. He possesses teaching and research experience and has supervised students working on B.Tech projects. He has co-authored several publications and takes pleasure in training and teaching aspirants.

Mr. Ranga Reddy – Tranportation and Geomatics Engineering

Mr. Ranga Reddy has served as a faculty with reputed institutes teaching Transportation and Highway Engineering. His insightful teaching offers aspirants a comprehensive understanding of the topics in GATE review classes enabling them to prepare well for the actual exam.

Mr. Venkateswara reddy – Structural Engineering

Mr. Venkateswara Reddy comes with extensive teaching and training experience in GATE review classes. He embraces every opportunity to train aspirants and impart knowledge and has also helped students with placement in recognizable organizations

Mr. Omnath – Structural Engineering

Mr. Omnath is a sought-after faculty member with extensive teaching experience in GATE review courses. He received his education from IIT and his teaching capability is par excellence.

Dr. Suresh Babu – Engineering Mathematics

Dr.Suresh comes with extensive educational background with experience in teaching and sharing knowledge in diverse areas of engineering. He teaches and trains young aspirants in building a scientific world. Currently offering Engineering mathematics for GATE students in several centres of India, Dr. Suresh also has several research publications in the journals of national and international repute.

Class Schedule

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Course Duration :400+ Hours Course Fee:Rs. 23,000 + GST

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